Boat Repair

Pack Rat can help you get your boat back on the water. Here are a few boat repair services that we offer:

  • Minor Linear Polyethylene hull repair.
  • Minor Royalex canoe repair.
  • Skid plates for Royalex canoes.
  • Accessory installations.
  • Something else? Call us!

Think your canoe or kayak might be still under warranty? Pack Rat is a factory authorized dealer on all boats and accessories we sell. For customers who purchased the boat from Pack Rat, Pack Rat can submit a free warranty claim to the manufacturer. Many times the boat is covered under the manufacturer warranty policy and can be fixed or replaced at the manufacturer’s expense. If you have purchased a boat elsewhere a charge will apply for any warranty services.


Pack fitting involves torso length, hip belt sizing, shoulder harness sizing and of course the type of backpacking you will be doing. Fitting and loading a pack with weight can let you know pretty quickly if a pack model is not going to work for you.


Fitting your vehicle for a Yakima Rack is a two step process. First, we look up the fit for your vehicle and decide what you expect from your rack; are you carrying a canoe, bikes or cargo? Second, we install the appropriate hardware with exact measurements and explain the maintenance of your Yakima rack.


Boot fitting is more than just a shoe size. Length, volume and width of the foot is important to match with the boot that offers a last the fits your unique size, shape and mechanics. Socks are also an important part of the fit based on the type of hiking you will do and where you will be hiking based on weather, terrain and pack weight.